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IDEAL AP30 Best Nursery Accessory at the Mother and Baby Awards Cy


The IDEAL AP30 indoor air purifier received the bronze award at the Mother and Baby Awards Cyprus, in the category Best Nursery Accessory.

The award was received on behalf of D. Kridiotis & Son, by Sales Manager Iordanis Kridiotis, at a ceremony held on Thursday 14 October by Boussias Cyprus.




Children’s bodies and lungs are particularly sensitive and the air they breathe is crucial for their future healthy development.

IDEAL’s innovative AP30 PRO indoor air purifier, is specially designed to remove everything suspended in a room’s atmosphere.

Its innovative filtering system protects children, especially newborns, from any airborne illnesses – viruses and harmful toxic substances that accumulate in enclosed spaces. The IDEAL AP30 PRO compact air purifier is ideal for any children’s room from 20 to 40 square meters, ensuring that the air is 99.9% clean.

The sophisticated sensors in the IDEAL AP30 PRO air purifier can detect, among other things, various fine to ultra-fine particles, pollen, volatile organic compounds, odours, viruses and bacteria. In automatic mode, the unit automatically adjusts to the measured values.

The intelligent IDEAL 360° filter permanently removes smaller and larger particles, such as gases and other molecules, from the air. This also includes inhalable and ultra-fine particles (particles between 0.1 and 0.3 micrometers), which can cause illness. Allergens such as pollen, house dust and pet hair are also reliably filtered.

The discreet night mode ensures extremely quiet operation in the room without disturbing the child’s sleep.


A recent study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that pollution from very small particles (PM2.5, i.e. particles no larger than 2.5 micrometres in diameter) may pose a greater health risk than has been estimated.

According to the WHO’s ‘Review of the evidence on the health effects of air pollution’, long-term exposure to very small particles can cause atherosclerosis, adverse birth outcomes and respiratory diseases in children. The study also suggests a possible link with neurodevelopment, cognitive function and diabetes, and reinforces the causal link between PM2.5 and deaths due to cardiovascular and respiratory problems.


The German company IDEAL, with its manufacturing quality and product design, ranks among the leading manufacturers of air purifiers.

IDEAL products are based on scientific research and utilize the latest materials, technology and unique HEPA filters, with a long life span as they are changed once a year.

With distinctions and certifications, IDEAL’s indoor air purifiers are tested and certified for medical use by the Schwartzkopf Institute and the ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation). For this reason they are used extensively in many hospitals in Germany and other European countries. In Cyprus it is noteworthy that they have been installed in doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, private schools and of course in homes and especially in children’s rooms.

IDEAL’s Air Purifiers have proven effective against MRSA, Hospital Acquired Infections, C. difficile, Coronovirus and H1N1 SARS-COV-2 and in the midst of the pandemic, they have proven their effectiveness in all the enclosed spaces where they have been installed.