What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is a device that uses a filter(usually HEPA) to filter-out pollutants from the indoor air such as dust, viruses, bacteria, allergens etc.

How often do I need to change the filter?

The typical life for an IDEAL HEPA filter is 1 year for a 24/7 operation of the purifier. The filter life depends on the use and the level of pollution in a room

What type of filter do IDEAL air purifiers use?

IDEAL air purifiers use a very high grade HEPA filters with active carbon. The filters are made from Polypropylene, which cannot be metabolized by microorganisms

Do I need a device in each room?

This would be ideal but in general, if you use the appropriate device for the area, it will still be effective

Can I use the air purifier when I use air condition?

Yes, it is even better to use the air purifier when the air condition is on. When the air condition is on, the windows are closed and there is no fresh air coming into the room.

Is it safe to use my air purifier during sleep?

Yes. It is actually a very good practice to use your air purifier during sleep

Can an air purifier improve the quality of my sleep?

Yes. Although the sleep quality depends on many factors, an air purifier can improve it by removing different allergens or dust particles from the air. Poor air quality can be one of the factors for poor sleep.

Are air purifiers noisy?

IDEAL air purifiers are one of the most quiet devices on the market. Especially on NIGHT mode, it is quieter than a whisper.