What we offer at Dinos Kritiotis + Son Ltd is not just “boxes”…What we provide our customers with, is complete solutions! That means providing all the hardware and software required to do work as efficiently and effectively as possible, but also offer the pre-sale as well as after-sales support, to ensure our customers can use our products with peace of mind! The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study/plan is an integral part of what we have just described.

Working on your TCO, means carefully studying and analysing all your company’s document management costs. Undertaking this study and analysing the results, allows us to suggest ways through which decreases in the costs and increases in efficiency and productivity can be achieved, without the need to compromise quality!

How we do it:

  1. Book an appointment and visit your premises for a preliminary discussion and collection of your requirements and concerns
  2. Work with you to understand how your document management system can be improved and identify ways to decrease costs
  3. Propose ways in which:
    • Your document management costs can be minimized
    • Efficiency can be increased
  4. Give a direct comparison, with facts and figures, of the existing and proposed arrangements. In that comparison, we also indicate when you will be breaking even and start “profiting” from your investment in the machinery and software we propose.

TCO is a very good way to easily keep track of your expenses and have peace of mind. In the proposed TCO we take into account all of the costs that you might incur and sum it up into just one figure, the “cost per page” (cpp).

The cost per page is the only thing you will be charged, in exchange for:

  • All the parts your machine(s) might require throughout their useful life
  • All the consumables apart from paper, staples (where applicable) and IT support that your machine(s) might require throughout their useful life
  • All the labour expenses

In that way, you can always be sure that your machine functions optimally, and that you only pay according to how many copies/prints you make. As a result, your expenses are very clear, and come in very small, manageable portions and become irrelevant to whether your machine needs toner, servicing or something breaks and needs fixing.

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